Six-axis medical testing equipment

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This device is designed and manufactured by KHMOS Technology for a research Institute, which needs to meet the following functions:

Six-axis operation, stroke 250 * 300 * 100 * 10 * 10 * 10 mm, load 300 G, accuracy 0.05 mm. The device fixes the needle, and the needle moves in an arc track around the inner side of the disc.


Description of components:

HMS40 module for axes X1, Y1, Z1. HMS28 module for axes X2, Y2, Z2. The bottom of the XYZ sliding table is provided with a 4040 profile frame, the inside of the frame is provided with a control cabinet wiring, and a water tank is installed on the frame.

The controller uses multi-axis controller, through the connection of computer programming and secondary development, using closed-loop control.


The stroke is 250 * 300 * 100 * 10 * 10 * 10 mm, and the HMS40 module and the customized HMS28 module are compact.

Electrical control:

Multi-axis controller, closed-loop motor, closed-loop drive, photoelectric switch and control cabinet are integrated into the bottom shelf. This set meets the requirements of 6-axis operation.


Difficulties of the equipment:

Customers require that the size of the equipment should be as small as possible, and there are strict restrictions on the size of the shelf, so that the whole equipment can be moved Conveniently.

Therefore, our axis X2, Y2, Z2 uses HMS28 custom modules. At the same time, the controller and driver are installed inside the shelf, leaving a power cord, and the power supply can run.The controller realizes the six -axis linkage and requires secondary development programming.


At present, customers feedback that the equipment is in good use.

Expansion scheme: The equipment can be built with HMS or other series modules of HYS to achieve higher load and speed requirements.


KHMOS undertake one-to-one customized equipment, welcome to consult customer service.

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